About Us

About the Brand
It's simple. Narwhal Collection is about about playing in the present.

Flying a kite does just that. It is an opportunity to get back to the simple joys of life and to be creative and strategic while being outdoors. This is the perfect park, backyard, or beach activity for friends, families.
Our kite collection offers easy to assemble, easy to fly delta and diamond kites with beautiful designs that will stand out in the sky. These are kites for adults and kids, beginner or advanced.
Our design ideas start in our Minnesota home, but bring in the talent of artists across the world. We produce from the highest quality materials and have your happiness at the core of what we do. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and provide an 18-month warranty on every purchase.
We hope you love spending time outdoors with your Narwhal Collection kite and that you feel inspired to play in the present.


About the Founders

We are two millennials that have spent a majority of life bouncing from screen to screen, thinking only about our corporate jobs and the to-do lists of life. 

Then, the world stopped in 2020, and it was so awful in so many ways for so many people across the world. Like most tragic moments in humanity, the only way to endure is to find silver linings. We decided we wanted to use this moment to redefine our life perspective, to focus on what matters, and to make the changes we always secretly wanted to make. So, we packed up our apartments into storage, tuned up our car, and hit the road on a 100-hr roadtrip.

We saw National Parks, learned about the beauty in states we had never explored, and got back to the things we loved most in life. The outdoors, connecting with our family (virtually and eventually in-person), spending time getting to know each other (yes, we are life partners as well as business partners), calling friends, and dreaming big. 

That's what led to the creation of Narwhal Collection. We've failed, learned, laughed (cried), and had so much fun building this business.

We hope you love our kites, and that they inspire you to play more outdoors and in the present. 

- Inge & Sam